the slow Journey...: August 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Open House

Guess I won't be posting much in the coming week, not even during the weeks cos i'll be stuck in some far away camp for the Army Open House and watch on as the public+students+prospective regulars gravitate there like little moths fluttering to the deadly beauty of a self incinerating flame....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mission Accomplished

I officially declare Mission 21 :Accomplished :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The difference

This week, got to truly experience the difference in decisions that i would make if i were regular and not an NSF whos going to ORD in 2 months but with about a month's worth of working days. yea get that 1 month :) Oh well not as if going through extra trouble to ensure it all falls into place nicely would secure my future up in the skies. Glad that it would all be over after the first week of Sept! weeee.

Went to have dinner at the the Kovan 24hrs Hong Kong cafe with hong yick at his plea cos he was SO BORED and im so NICE to pei ppl. hah. so dun complain abt the time. The meal was like bleahhhhhhhH, disgusting la.

NEVER order their noodles please, its plain as hell.

Wasted time after that walking arnd debating on what to do after dinner, he suddenly said clubbing or just go HOME. haha, didnt feel like going anywhere far. Ended up going over to his house and played SCRABBLE. wow how fun can it be right. hahah.

actually, it was quite fun.
But i lost by 1 point! 280-281! all because he took like 15 mins to cock up some last word. Arghhh

21km... :( the longest run in my life..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

WILL run within the timing! shall not let Anyone...look down on me... a clerk..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Still a charm....twice

Secret is still as nice :) even after watching it for a second time. Hah. Call me crazy, but yea what can i say. the show is THAT good.

Of course Gui Lun Mei is also and still THAT sweet looking :) to Hong yick. Shes pretty la! in addition to her oh so likeable character in the show.

National Day's Rally by PM Lee's on now, bleah on ALL channels in fact. One of the rare mass political broadcasts you see on TV. Similar to those US presidential addresses you see in the movies when the usual disaster/invasion strikes. Wonder if his Officer Son is somewhere in the sea of government yes-mans sitting there...

Guess i have no choice but to watch it out of curiosity/boredom/lack of choice or cable...

Friday, August 17, 2007


tired....zzz someone just give me the money without the actual tuition pls. hah


I swear yesterday while waiting to collect my passport, it felt like waiting for my ORD to come.

When i got the ticket with the queue number 3512, whats below shocked me.

Note: There are 498 others in the queue.

Its almost the same as starting to countdown the number of days to ORD upon enlistment date. -.-

I waited and waited, from the painful wait at the start of the arduous 2-3 hrs to come onto the bored/sleepy phase in the middle and back to the fist clenching last stretch of the nigh eternal wait. Funny how it simply sums up the NS life. BMT hell at the start to the slightly numb/ bored part around the 1 year mark and then finally the painful last few months before we are unshackled.

and why is the Secret OST still not out!! grrr

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

almost forgot...

Oh and did i mention that Gui Lun Mei is like the perfect girl in the show! Hah. Sad that she cried in the show la...

Have to watch that show again, any takers ? : )

Sunday, August 12, 2007


But no! i cannot keep mum on this. Jay Chou's 不能说的秘密 is, i dare say, the best popular mass market Asian movie this year has got to offer!

The poster also has got a smart design, using the shadows and archways to recreate piano keys.

From the graceful waltzing of fingers on the piano keys to the touching and sweet love story thats the other main theme of the movie. Glad to say, this show excels in both. The former being comparable to an action film with the piano spitting out beautiful and heart pounding melodies, especially during the match between Jay Chou and the 'appear once only' Prince of Piano, POP!, haha. Except this is with elegance and grace coupled with a unique excitement which no other action flick can offer. Of course, there is unanimous agreement among all that Jay's acting did improve. (Certainly and obviously after Curse of the Golden Flower).

Anothony 王秋生 as Jay's father is obviously a very good choice in this movie. Guess the 默契 between them did carry forward from Initial D. The presence of a veteran actor such as he served only to effectively emphasise what the movie is, a real life teen romance. That is a good thing, in case you were wondering. After all the sweet bubbly love and fun in school and while riding home, there is stern and not so teenage like father at home waiting to ground the audiences and lend believability to the show. I officially announce that this movie can join the ranks of Windstruck and My Sassy Girl!

Back to reality. This weekend was as usual. Hectic. But hectic because I was out like for almost a vast majority of the time. Since after duty on Friday morning till Saturday afternoon and continued on with Secret in the evening. Barely slept for 2 hrs! But oh well, if i can survive the lack of sleep in wallaby i definitely did live through and enjoyed this :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Steadying up for 21km!

The 14km run yesterday at East Coast Park was way better than the 12km one last Friday. Despite the weather being as hot as last Friday at the start, the experience was much better. Started out pacing jian hui for the first 6+km or so, eventually lost the ability to keep up as he started charging forward to overtake others and i was trailing behind him :(. Oh well, but i managed to keep up and maintain the iron will to run for another 5km without any stitches before starting to walk intermittenly after taking a drink. So much for the will of steel. Bleah. Saw Jack running with his unit over at ECP too. Eventually came in with a timing of 1hr 27 mins, thats about 2 mins faster for a route that was 2 km further than the previous attempt!

Hope I can hit under 2.5hrs for the actual 21km run for the 1 day off :) How pathetic huh, so much for the miserable 1 day off. Haha. Well thats NS for those out there.

Watching NDP 07 now and it looks not bad, well at least the starting performances on water for the first time seems good.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Cant help but feel sad, and am i even partly responsible? heh, know that im most probably not but still cant help feeling that way. just hope they will recover and move on before either of them does anything which screws up their life....

Sunday, August 5, 2007

: )

Birthday week came to an end just yesterday, thanks to all who remembered/celebrated, etc with me. Including and in no particular order, Hong Yick, Jin Ping, Jelvin, Han Ming, Yak, Jianhui, Xx, TL, yok, Zm, zy, elaine, wc, huimin and others whom if i name would cause this to be a bit draggy. Not as if all of you reading this would know who all these people are.

Anyway back to the topic. Thanks to Jh, xx and gang for the nice drawn on shoes! Even though Jianhui did up the best shoelaces EVER and Tl just had to draw a cute little pig out of no where which looks oh so maplestory. OF COURSE, to the one who contributed the most..........Xiu Xiang! The one who drew it all.... hahahah. But yeap, like it a lot, and i wore it for the first time yesterday :) To Jin Ping, jelvin and the group: The strap broader than clock face kinda watch is what i wanted to buy all the while la, but didnt really feel like spending money on it. heh, and you got it! Imported somemore la..... wow. hahah. Also the catch up session on tues was a welcome event as well, even though i sort of made jp the shameless one to call people out on his birthday. Hah.

Yesterday was out with Han Ming, Hong Yick and yak. Originally intended to have dinner at Vivocity? But ended up at TOA PAYOH CENTRAL instead and having Kolo mee. Like what a gaping difference between the 2 places. But I'd have to say its quite nice, first time eating Kolo Mee. Intend to go have it again soon. After that was K BOX time! Cheap business tactic they have la, their air con was on full blast the moment we stepped in. SO cold til han ming's nose almost dropped like Michael jackson's one la. hahah. Found my new fav songs from that singing session, gonna add it to my collection :)

But of course must thank you all la hor, for the perfume/cologne or whatever you call it. Probably it signals another new change in my life when i start using these frangrances?

I have to admit these few years from JC til now, my character was and is still whirling around in a maelstrom of changes and absorption. From the quiet and more introverted me in early secondary to the current me. I must say im glad that i changed the way i did, well mostly of course. haha. Yesterday it was nice to know that even after all the screwed up events,army life and not meeting up for so long we still managed to maintain the good friendship we had in JC and remain as close .

That is one thing which i hope will last for many more years to come : )

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The R-Elitism

Even though the Wee Shu Min hoophola has blown over, one still cannot deny that the group she represents is still around and most probably have NOT learnt from her no brainer actions. Elitlists- I'll classify them into 2 broad groups.

The Obnoxiously direct ones. Aura of superiority waxing in full force, always having that smug look where one can NEVER find even a tinge of humility in it. The usual rich, powerful/famous PARENTS or good looking kind with "please don't come near me if you are NOT as good as me" scrawled all over them. They can't really tolerate being around the regular plebian class of the society they are in, their presence are simply offensive. What they do Not realise though is that others (namely the non patrician class) don't really enjoy their company too. Their nose is simply too high to notice any form dislike being directed at them.

On to the second more subdued kind. These seem pretty normal and ok to be with at first glance. Of course this is probably due to them being rich/ famous and not so good looking. Upon initial interaction, the air of elitism starts seeping out in small doses. Its just laced all over the words/references, content they talk about. Chat about badminton and he/she shares with you about the badminton champion he/she has for a friend. Deciding on what to eat? Let him/her recommend one of the hotels which their friend's family owns. But PLEASE do not rile him up even a little with your lesser than his average abilities/ mental capacity. He would start transforming into the Type 1 mentioned above. Kinda true that you cant hide your true nature forever under a false veil.

In Singapore, the breeding grounds for these Elitists have always been the same place in Bishan. No prizes for guessing where :)