the slow Journey...: July 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

One post to post em all

This post will probably cover all the posts that i intended to have previously. Heh

The Dark Knight 17th Jul & 26th jul
The movie flows like the stock market / Global Economy over a few cycles. Smoothly and logically for every spike and dip. And there are a quite a few spikes and dips in Gotham City's state of crime. Leaves you thinking its gonna end nicely before firing it all up to another disastrous sequence of events. Multiple views of the World, all gracefully and impactfully delivered by the frighteningly crazed Joker, mainly about us humans and the duplicity of our morals/ codes.

And it doesnt end in a perfect ending like Spiderman/ Iron man/ Superman too!

Self Orientate @ NBS Night Cycling! 23rd July
At fish n co before the 50km journey!

Second outing....Ok this was fun! Even met the 200 plus bikes to be used for the sports camp people at ECP, met them later on the way too. Saw Timothy and his chut chut group amongst em. We practically zoomed past around them! We even had a classier safety vehicle than them :) hahah. First 50km night cycling trip and im a newbie cyclist on top of that! heh, paiseh to all those who someone gt a shock from me while cycling. haha. Had an interview by the Nanyang Chronicles Editor in the morning after cycling. The first thing she said when she came was ' Are you the rejects???' ......................


2 pre birthday celebrations on one day, one by some of my AJ class peeps, another by the Family. Shokudo Bazaar for Lunch and Sun Moon for Dinner. Shokudo was SO MUCH better than Sun Moon at Central la, expensive and not that nice. 2nd time having Shokudo within 3 days and i think ive tried everything there.... But anyway it was nice! the 1 hr plus spent chatting while waiting for SOMEONE.... and while eating too. Thanks to those who came! Of course........also to the DillyDallyDude for importing a jacket for me! Although at first i thought it was a SPORTS jacket but it turned out to be similar to a Bae Yong Jun kind! hahah, minus the long trench coat like bottom part la of course. But yup! thanks! and i wasnt disappointed ok!

Alright.... start of hall camp tomorrow! wooohooo! hope its not too............. bad

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Went for this episode's recording in Taiwan!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday wishlist!

Kinda shameless but..... here goes....

1. A nice bag that i can put my soon to arrive Macbook inside too. Got it! Yay!

2. One of the Phillipe Starck designed watches from Fossil! Specifically this actually

3. A simple but good camera maybe?? heh

4. Bicycle! Ok this seems kinda big.

5. A jacket thats not so thick. No! not the addidas/nike kind though. Maybe more of the Esprit type -----Got it! Yay!

6. a hiking backpack Got it! Yay!

7. And of course coupling with a hand made gift would be great!

8. Voucher?? heh : (

9. that perfect non canvas shoe. preferably leather with a overall nice simple smooth design, lace free even? But MUST have a rubber sole by the side, so that i can draw on it. Agnes B! heh .Ok like a bit ma fan, so do not attempt this unless u really know! heh

Shall update it as the day closes in! Made the decision to not hold a birthday bash kinda event, shall instead have little gatherings here and there to those who remembered and bother. Yeap. But of course the presents are not the most impt part................... though they still do contribute. hahah.

Oh and please nothing decorative that can be bought off the shelf, and that includes mugs/ candles/ picture frames or even CDs. yeap!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


More on Taiwan tomorrow night!.....hopefully i wont be too lazy. hahah

Sneaky Tuesday

Short random update.

Think today was e first time i remembered sneaking out of Killiney at raffles palce after getting a seat during lunch la! hahahah, all cos twiggy and i thought killiney was gonna be cheap or normally priced. Haha, hope the auntie didnt notice.

After that went off to meet yak, yok and kc for lunch and errr..... a belated birthday meal??? hahah yea belated and so last minute that we didnt get any present for him in time. oh well, shall bu hui soon! Oh and hancock is nt bad, the movie which seeks to challenge the pigeonholed stereotype of a someone with super powers. Not necessary a superhero or a villian, that person can just start off as some junkie. And that a superhero is just a modern day version of a God, just a similar concept but with different titles throughout time.

Plus today was the fastest ever that me and a few others managed to get a present for another friend. within a SHORT HOUR, we got it and were off ! efficient!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Small small world

Friendster the pioneer online networking tool made it practically possible to see who are the mutual friends that you and other friends know, and which you didnt know about. Facebook brings it a step forward. A direct 'mutual friends' section showing this. Goes to show how small Singapore really is. Yes Singapore and nt the world.

Shall blog about taiwan trip when i get the camera cable and can begin to upload photos! most probably would be.... tmr. Yeap!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

In Taiwan

Past few days at Hua lien was fun and in touch with nature! Nice cold mountain springs too :) Now....Taipei!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3006 & 0207

2 new memorable dates

30th June 2008

The very last day of the 228 days spent over at and bound by the contractual will of OCBC to do all the work they had in excess on hand. Menial labour or cheeeep labour some might say. hahah. But this day is NOT really like a 2nd ORD within a year, more like a minor veering off in pathways. A rather sad and emo-ified one too.

Never did i really regret extending the contract for 1.5 more months from May 15thhh

Within the first hour, gifts and 'thank yous + well wishes?' started to pour in. It really did tug at my lil emo knob inside. Touched more like it. And rarely do i get that feeling. Even though it wasnt really the ideal last day at work, what with the more than usual pouring in of work. Glad to see all the replies from the ppl at Private Banking via Email after the final farewell message was sent too!

Plus that day, i think i wrote more Birthday/ farewell messages than in the past 6 months la. Had to do all those tooo amidst ALL the last day work. See how xiong the last day was la! It was easily the most fun day of all at OCBC, suddenly going to pantry and have cakes plus errrr a surprise somemore. Although it wasnt really a surprise with cheryl going around telling us how long she took to make it. Hahah! Thanks la! Really! The Royce chocolates too, first time eating and wow it really is nice. Plus thanks to Bessie, Norma, Sijiao, Mariam and errrr Yu Song for all the gifts/ treats too. : ) Suan Mei jiao esp~!! whom i thought was a very blur girl until she rebonded her hair. hahah, its only then i knew that shes quite fun to talk to too! hahah! thanks for the shirt too :) Alright, words dont flow out of me as it easy as it might look but yeaa really appreciate it all.

Ok, spiralling into an Emo Dog again. and NO im not referring to you Bing han. You are a RD not an ED.

Never. That extra 1.5months of bondage to OCBC is the best decision ive made in years. From that, i got to know...... someone who would slap you for taking flyers and not printing double side and a errrrr...girl? with all the funny expressions and reactions! hahah, ok that girl likes to hamster food away from me the hamster king too. just coming over and stretching her hand out open. hahah. The tree hugger too, with the try to be politically nice by adding a actually i think shes quite nice laa... after every complaining or bitching session about someone annoying. A....*cough* ..x . hahaha! Jasmine too, SO NOISY & LOUD LA! after i got to know her better via the photocopier. But it beats having a quiet and scary work place with long straight haired women walking around..... All the "arguments", etc that we had. No more will it be over at OCBC centre #07-00. however i dont see it end here at all. and NO im nt gonna say its only just began, so cliche.

Theres so much more i can say about them but I have not even packed for tomorrow's taiwan trip!!

But just a final word before the flight on 2nd July 2008 . Cheryl! dont be so sad already la! not as if we are dead or wont ever find you all again lor! just that it would be from now on outside of OCBC : ) ill get you some nice stuff, like maybe a mini dragon boat. Kelvin! Finally realise how horrible it is in there without me right! As horrible as we are as friends to cheryl. hahaha, but its ok just 2 more weeks of peaceful sadness... and its over! No more of the Boring Peace.

Oh and for the out of the way late night delivery.......... ill buy for you 3 cups of noodles instead of one!

Ok ok! 3 dozens!! if i can carry it back... ... : D For coming out soooo late at night, and the chance that your tomorrow might even be super tired. Thanks! haha!
no need to say that much le hor?

Thank you all..