the slow Journey...: October 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Oh well, its a goodbye and eternal (hopefully?) farewell to the Brigade.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Musical Lyrics

Music and Lyrics
What a Great show 8 ) Another feel good show like Love Actually, and this has a nice song too!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Singapore Hit Awards

Couldnt find a nice and bigger picture for it so.....yeap, had to make do with this one.

The Singapore Music Industry's Only biggest Award show. Guess you will fully understand why its the Only one after going for this year's. The venue was probably only 3/4 full at most?, and a whopping proportion of the audience over there are screaming raving typical crazy Female Fans who like the hundreds of other screaming raving typical crazy Female Fans, scream at their idol in a vain bid to grab their attention. The star line up is also rather.........pathetic, to put it bluntly.

For this year's event, Idol can safely be assumed to be = 飞轮海

Oh and did i mention that these screaming raving typical crazy Female Fans have backup idols too in case their main one fail to clinch an award? As soon as their main idol fail to grab a glass stand from the presenters they switch to screaming the winner's name ( if the winner is a guy of course). Probably their idol is just any good looking guy who can flaunt their physique / looks / smile and maybe mouth a few songs minimally. Kinda sums up most boy bands huh.

We were situated smack in the 飞轮海 fan nest, all around us were screaming raving typical crazy Female Fans screaming for 飞轮海 or their individual members. Man, can they SCREAM. They should just use that voice of theirs magnify it many times and kill people / pierce armour during war. Especially the one sitting behind me, can vy for the position of banshee queen.
Additional thing to take note, a HK Singer called 方大同 actually bagged TWO awards with his equally annoying sounding song, 爱 爱 爱。HOW CAN THAT BE!!! The most toot looking and sounding singer winning awards! Lots of ppl actually took his performance time as a toilet break too.

Think the specs that rz brought to class during jc are cooler than his and on top of that funny too. hahah

But at least the whole event had its highlights and good performances too.
Sun Yan Zi :) haha.

Oh well hope im spared the wrath of the screaming raving typical CRAZY Female Fans if any of them come across this. Heh

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Was just thinking all the while, i always have comments, etc for virtually almost everything around me. Actions people do, people, etc etc. Just that am a bit reserved in blurting them out in case someone starts SLAMMING me back cos of my comment/critique. heh. And also im kinda the lazy type :), cos explaining what i think might take some work. Oh well suddenly thought of this.


Friday, October 12, 2007


Well, sort of. Just that the lens is now reduced to too tiny round films about the size of the cornea. Yup, went to get contact lens with jian hui on wednesday. Met up first at bugis to get yick's birthday present though. haha, and they don't even know each other, just dragged him to go along : ) At least he got his fair share of sight seeing there even though i thought that day was like unusually low traffic. Probably due to O and A levels ? Now i can walk around without a specs! although the part where u have to put on the lens is kinda........intimidatingly intrusive...yea.

No more a 8), but a :) now!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Not. Just that haven't been blogging for more than a week. Heh. Was getting a bit lazing around at home and teaching tuition, plus the occasional journey out of house... However while prepping my Sec 4 N(A) Student for his N levels, found out something seriously lop sided in the Singapore Education System.

Below are the criteria 'N' Level Students to proceed to Sec 5 and take the 'O' Levels.

10 points or less- Yay, you can move on to 'O' levels!
11 points- Boo... you can retry again next year if you want.
More than 11 points- You WILL proceed to ITE or nt study anymore.

What a small margin. Isn't that like kinda...unfair? They are probably a bit weaker and slow to catch up with the rest thats why they are taking their 'N' Levels before the 'O's, shouldnt a wider range of scores, ie more chance be given to them, for them to proceed on instead of throwing them to the pits once they cross that rather-easy-to-cross line. Same can be said that they are not as strong in studies and thus should not proceed to the 'O' Levels. Kinda like making a joke out of equal chances for all in Singapore. Unless of course the prerequisites are there just for motivation and the inner workings are bit.... different. Oh well, just decided to share my 2 cents.

SInce the VERY SPECIAL Children's Day is over.... would have to think for the next SPECIAL DAY. yea so han ming what have yout thought of!!