the slow Journey...: July 2007

Saturday, July 28, 2007

What a weekend

Didnt even have the time for updates this weekend. This week for me is almost equivalent to a 12 day work week la. Friday had the 2nd half of the day off, BUT in the end had to rush for tuition in the evening and out again after that all the way til NEXT morning when its book in back to camp time! -.- yay..... duty...... After that, tomorrow morning will need to rush down to Serangoon Gardens for tuition til noon before ill most likely have my lunch OUT of house. It doesnt end there! its another tuition after lunch time till about 4, and i still need to get something for a friend! ahh!

Will be having dinner outside with my parents to sort of celebrate my birthday, which is on monday....ANOTHER duty day... and thus part 2 of my 12 day work week would begin.... praying and hoping this wont be like my saddest birthday ever.

Anyway was thinking today, if i had to choose between money and relationship ( friends, family, spouse, etc) I would most definitely give up money willingly for my family, friends or loved ones. Just cant comprehend why some would wanna betray their close friends or family for cold hard cash.

There, just typed everything down with absolutely no flow, continuity or probably link with each other.

Please dont break down. thanks

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jay Chou's MV for.........Secret!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jay Chou's Secret

The new song from Jay Chou for his upcoming directorial debut "Secret" is nice!
Listen here....不能说的秘密.... :)
nd here is Ah Mei's newest song of her next album thats dropping on August 3rd ...如果你也听说.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Calling

Starting to have the impression that I might slowly discover my calling in ...TEACHING! haha. Just finished my 8th lesson today for the first tutee that i took up and got my pay. Half of it anyway, since the evil tuition agency who helped me source for the kid is entitled to half of the pay for the first month.

The weeks just get busier and busier one after another, hope it would reach its noon soon. Yea, that rhymed. Even today had to rush just to churn it all out of the mill by 3 pm, the universally assumed time where we would all get to go home early :) Heh. It happened anyway.

Chanced upon this article while looking through Yahoo Odd News as usual. Apparently a small brain doesnt point to a hampered and handicapped life. One can still have a perfectly normal life with a small brain and maybe lower IQ. Of course, its kinda obvious that Civil Servant is an euphemism for his actual job.

Look at the bottom left scan, his brain looks like a T-rex!
But anyway the POINT of this article in my opinion is....... the size of someone's HEAD or BRAIN affects nothing in ones life. Yea, therefore im not super smart or talented, just simple and average and NOT retarded. : ) Haha

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Hey, go click on the 2nd cross above and take a look! Haha, one of the many novel and interesting sites on the net for people to chance upon them. Just follow the instructions and you can get one on your site too!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just another day...

Seems like its almost everyday im have tuition lessons to rush to, from tuesdays all the way to sundays.....That leaves me with only a Monday free! Great. Oh well thats the price to pay for now, to earn that extra cash :)
Good thing was there was only 1 lesson today, felt so drained after only the first one that i gave up on my initial plan of going for some exercise and instead went straight back home to rest and prepare for the later part of the day in town. To search for a nice drawable pair of white canvas shoes for SOMEONE's birthday present. well yes.., someone... .
Meeting up with old friends is always such a nice and relaxingly at ease event. Once the friendship manages to survive The Phase for about a year when we all study/work in different places and thus lesser chances to meet each other , it probably means that yup, it is meant to last for quite some time. Well thats how it is for me.

Anyway at about 8 o clock, met up with yok, kc and michelle, kien chuan's gf, at Manhattan Fish market for dinner. Ate and chatted till near 10? before we decided to head back. And WOW, that was the longest ride home from PS for me la. took nearly an hour, all thanks to the driver..........hahah. Reached home only a while back....well shouldnt really complain since its a free ride home :D;_ylt=Ao.jnDVwdCBIEVML.wi55iftiBIF
This is like such a classically overused movie material, hah. Robber sneaks in with gun and ends up drinking with family, giving them a hug, before apologising and leaving lip smackingly satisfied, glass in hand. Goes to show how some people commit crimes without the malicious intent, most probably driven by circumstance to do so. But still.. no pity for these soft hearted robbers though.

Boredom of the Phoenix?

Hope its not so. :(
If not its another amazingly hyped up movie down the gorge this year........

Thursday, July 12, 2007


This is definitely a much better week than the last! even though its still very tiring........ Anyway came back from my half a year once medical appointment at TTSH, and taking off tomorrow. so its a long weekend! Yay for me.

While waiting for my appointment time just now, saw this 20+ year old female hitting her old mother la, while at the same time rambling on and on incoherently about her being sent to a Mental hospital by her mom, and that she is NOT crazy. idiot, hate those ppl who hit their parents, almost wanted to shout at her.

Dont ask me why but this is totally random...........

a picture from 8 months back! time truly flies....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Hey, take a look at this. Imagine when at age 60 you go to a cinema ( presumably movies are STILL in your lifestyle by then) , watch a comedy and just sit there quietly like a fish throughout the whole 1hrs+ plus laugh fest. What a life. To not understand humour.

Ok maybe the comedy could have been just lousy and lame. But of course thats besides the point.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Came back from Yok's birthday party at his house about 12+ just now. It was rather nice :), the few of us meeting up again after some time. Just sat around eat talk eat and listening to his father talk about day trading, piloting experience, etc. He was acting a bit not like how he seem to be last time. Think it was the wine from the empty wine bottle on the table talking. Oh and he also kept asking us if we wanted to drink with him not. anyway the names of whatever he offered us to drink sounded quite....strongly alcoholic like, so.....nope shall pass. in case i start talking rubbish and laughing non stop again.

No matter, it was a nice birthday bash. heh. Nice not as in WOW!!! lets jump around everywhere! and ambush ppl into the pool so that others can haf e opportunity to push u in too kinda nice and fun but more of ....the kind where ppl just talk and catch up. =)

And this is the FIRST OFFICIAL POST on this blog!! also my first time blogging. got the Feel to start up the blog at last, after the end of this crappy and tired week in camp. a bit new at this blogging thing.. so........yup shall end here.

for now