the slow Journey...: January 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A new year (Lunar) and dedications

First off, a Happy LNY to all!
Yes, its not only for Chinese around the world.

As usual, the lazy me spends it at home lazing and relaxing around. What a good life i say, instead of entertaining my aunties and uncles.

Anyway, did the turn your itunes to shuffle and answer these question by pressing next note on facebook. quite interesting and true i must say.... and so in the wake of this i shall dedicate a short post to my friends. Those who are still in reasonably active contact of course

Shall try to be as chronologically accurate as possible or in groups.

Yok and Yak - Yup, knew u guys for the longest. Since.... Primary 1?? making it.... FOURTEEN YEARS. Glad that its still strong!. 14 years eh. Yak, start checking your phone more often la! instead of like once only and at night. your girlfriend msg u HOW???!

Dexter and CKC - Though not in contact as often as i would like it, but yeap! still there and have not forgotten abt you ppl alright : )

Tim, BH, Eng Joo, YY - paiseh, couldnt join u all for dinner that night but oh well still gt next time anyway! and MJ tmr night when im gonna win all of u. WAHHAHAHA. den my next Hanabi meal can be freeeeee.

18/04 ( including... Hanming, Audrey, Lenard, Wai ching, Qing Jing, Elaine) - Hanming deserves a special mention! though now like always so busy sometimes cant even have a proper conversation. Elaine too, suddenly realise that contact sort of died off for near a year already. haiii.. shall try to resume again! and ex dear! always nv come out when we ask u to go eat lorrr : ( SADS

Army ( XX, JH, TL, ZM, ZY, JP, Jel, Denn, MF, Eric, CB, YK andJun Jie) - Crazy bunch, esp the QBU Zhaoming. JH, Big Red Lips TL and Moonface. We shall go out within the next few weeks! before ZM WINS the xiao cao title and become embroiled in fame. hahhah,
To Jinxp: Best upperstudy eh, and kinda bimbo-ey + bitchy at times too but funny also! hahaha.
Dennis: Paiseh ah, like recently u keep asking us to go out but most cannot make it and all also.
JJ Zhen: We should go out soon again too lor. like another one since........ TAIWAN trip!! and pls stop acting like Rain.
Chinaman: errrr...... hope the dampening of China's growth didnt affect your vege's prices.

Kelvin and Cheryl - eh! shit, my perfume still with you la. like since 5 months ago. dunno dry up alr not. hahah. N Cheryl, u are STILL the same as in OCBC times. HAHAHAHA, still rmb your slow reaction and processing speed, like u laughed for 5 secs before realising i was talking about you, when i saw you at cheer training. And as agreed... shall show u a MR TAIWAN by the end of this year!

Jenevie LYL - Best Female Friend. Shall nt use e term bff since its like only for girls and QUITE VERY bimbo to even use that. ( Like a certain M ) hahahah. But yeap, its been Great hanging out and all, its the company la. We should go out on a FOOD hunt next time since u sooooo like to eat and everytime your attention would be transfixed on whatever food im holding when we are talking. tsk. its been great even in cheer! before you injured your leg la... : ( Hope that u can come over to Denvers after exams though, den maybe we can be a pair again! ehhhhh, think i need to shop soon for a pair of pants, havent bought a new one for the new year yet. hint HINT. : )

Tongggggggggggggg - Shall nt call u queen or tong square since u dont like it and i find it odd, errrrr nt like how i would call soemone too. heh. Thanks for giving me the name COBY LIM though, like the much nicer cousin of LIM KOPI. tell u e truth, think it actually sounds quite good! :D hahah. As i said, didnt have a good impression of u at first during FOC, thought u were like just trying to grab every guy's attention to the max la. BUT, im wrong! N u are sooooo not like that. But glad that u are always there with a packet of char mee in your right and a big bowl in your left. hahaha
PS: the M mentioned above is no your M

PX - Poor roomie of the one above, please take care of your leg and rest more by nt walking arnd so much! Though i know u always secretly want a shuai ge to offer to piggy back you rightt. hahaha. ok la, MAYBE next time i offer u???? :D HAH, ok i was kidding. First impression of u was that u were dao!! but soon after u are like e extreme opposite of dao lo, plus can cook also frm what i hear frm u. next year we SCORPION together! or maybe u can even scorpion with me as a single base. shall train hard for that!

Huiling san - DXD! tskkk, nowadays always nv come find us lorrr, only your roomie come. how can! wheres your asthmatic looping laughter, please dont save it all for jap class with your roomie cos a bit errrr will grab everyones attention and disrupt my attention in class especially when the teacher alr say she 's worried for me -.- oh oh, and how come u so poor thing ah! like so much more lessons than your roomie de. always when she no lesson den u have but rarely e other way round.

Siying - Here! finally the part thats for u k! even though u decided to sleep first. but thanks ah! for getting me a shirt from bangkok :) and u, another DXD one though a bit higher than your roomie. hahah. marginally higher la. But ya, funny eh we can clique so well even though didnt know u at first during FOC. Only rmb that u always like to pop your head frm e side of the door when your og came to find yick. and STILL I NV GET ANY SMILEY FACE PAPER MESSAGE : (
PS: This is nt meant to be funny. In case you laughed, means you proved me right in saying u have a DXD. haha!

Hong Yick - Last but definitely nt e least. and u know it too. And knowing that there is a 0.01% chance that you would read this and u shld alr know all this..... it shall be short! what can i say..... the best others never had ( from the facebook note about best friend) and the closest too. Didnt think could get any closer and at ease with a friend til this, like brothers. Though i kinda dislike using that term. hah. ok 'nuff said.

I think i just spent near an hour typing all these out. wow. guess it makes up for my lack of posts previosuly huh?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Amidst the smiles

Amidst the smiles, one can still find a tinge of sadness.

just a flicker, as it waxes and wanes at times

Friday, January 16, 2009

Dare to Dream

Team Xtreme

: ) The first ever performance in my life. hahah. That explains the busy-ness and lack of updates too. Training almost everynight. Now its all over! Literally in a flash. The FASTEST 3 plus mins of my life really. Real happy after that.



Now im gonna miss training.... : (

And still considering whether to join or not....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The most intense cheer training thus far. left me freaking hungry and panting like mad.

A side note, suddenly got reminded that i might not be able to continue in hall next year :(

haii..... i don't play any sports, how how how : (

now this is making me sian..........

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Post 142 : 2009

A flotilla of bright lights lined up the entire horizon, mistook it for an industrial island at first sight. Literally lining up the entire horizon. Then red flares lit up the night sky in random succession throughout the fleet. Great sight, great place, relaxed feeling. Far to the right the cluster of buildings that is the Marina/ CBD area was obvious (even managed to recognise OCBC). Fireworks bursting above it, the biggest ones even managed to blot out most of the limited city skyline.

A nice symphony of lights and celebration and the serenity of the night made it oh so peaceful.

All this was also a perfect opportunity for me to think. Don't like to use the word emo anyway. heh. Had short nice talk too.

Happy 2009

Like the stars and clouds, one might seem to be moving but not in fact. Occasionally, the clouds enshroud the night sky blotting out the stars making it starless for a period. When would you know what to believe is true?