the slow Journey...: June 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Can't help it

Soooo many people are wearing the same/similar specs as me.
haiii, just cant help it that people wanna follow me. hahah!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


On this day when i had sufficient sleep, felt good leaving for work and met treehugger earlier to get some nice and cheap BK breakfast.
It HAD to be the day when my work load CLIMAXED, from being amped up and not sian of tuition later on totally sian of everything plus sleepy ( actually, everyday also sleepy) by 5pm. what a TOTAL DRAIN laaa. Lucky there was 酸梅娇 and Ashley helping me. heh, if not really would have been rushed dead. the yik being on MC made things worse. Grrrrr

Oh, learnt something from the morning BK experience today
Regular Iced Milo = $2.30
Croissanwich + Iced Milo meal = $$2.35
Tea =$1.95
Croissanwich + tea promo meal = $1.95

Even if you cannot finish, just get the meal. Its 5c for a breakfast burger with Iced milo or free with tea. You can even try to mix and match around to get the cheapest combo.

Sneaky BK, trying to rip us offf

Sunday, June 22, 2008

ETD T- 8 Days from OCBC

Mood: Slighly Emo-ish

Just 8 more days until my 7 and a half month stint at OCBC is no more..... To think of it, sure am gonna miss the few of em ( treehugger, JP and the Dragon girl) since wont be seeing them like at least 5 DAYS A WEEK. But probably in NTU this coming aug!

Oh well at least somehow i feel sure that it wont end there at all!!

After all.... theres still July 30th.... the very important date that they WILL REMEMBER!! wahaha

Operation: Taiwan Typhoon

Operation Taiwan Typhoon will be broken down into 2 phases
-Mission: Hua Lian Whirlwind
-Mission: Capital Crackdown

Possible strike sites for Phase 1: Hua Lian Whirlwind
  1. Su Ao Cold Springs
  2. Taroko Gorge
  3. Bei Tou Hot Springs (In summer.... yea i know...)
  4. etc etc
  5. Shi Fen Waterfall on the journey back to Capital for commencement of Phase 2

Phase 2: Capital Crackdown

  1. Base of Operations over at Rainbow hotel
  2. Xi Men Ding
  3. Cashbox
  4. Wu Fen Pu Shopping strip
  5. Shopping strip along the 3 忠孝 stations
  6. Considerig a raid at the 我猜我猜我猜猜猜!and 超级星大道3 recordings
  7. Guang Hua Electronic Centre
  8. Dan Shui and Yu ren Ma Tou
  9. Famous celeb shops like Jacky wu's dessert shop and Jay Chou's clothing shop.
  10. More to be updated as mission details are further fleshed out.

ETD T-10 days

Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Deals of the weekend

Wooo! Just came back from a run, thats 2 consecutive days of running and exercise!
Well, thats a record for me.

As usual the park had a few couples sitting around romantically under the moonlit skies until someone ran in huffing and puffing. Lucky no more damn fit ppl who who deproved to 20 pulls ups hanging around.

Oh well, just a short update. 2 great deals over the weekend! First off.... its a belt from River island for just......................... TEN DOLLARS.
Yeap, saw the previous price tags. From 53 to 40 and suddenly now to 10 bucks! hahah, My first steal of the GSS. As for today, it was a 4 gig sandisk thumbdrive from the PC show. Figured since uni would need one, so might as well get it. Its $38 for mine, could have been $26 but chose to go for the mid range one for its looks :)

Time to go bathe then sleep!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

101st post!

101st! Just cos 101 dalmatians popularised it ( i think so? )

Had an urging within me to go back to office to clear up some stuff since im free and sooo...... being the dedicated worker i am, who knows there wont a Best Temp of the year award..., went back to office today! But i barely lasted for 1 and a half hour and decided to escape that place to meet a friend, was dead quiet and sian with only 1 or 2 ppl there la!

However for past couple of days been quite a whirlwind, think was basically trying to readjust to having tuition again and so many other stuff! Til i made a Big decision.........


To give the Famine camp a miss and pass on my tribe to Yak. Yeap, Im a responsible guy k! Will only do smth like this when i know theres someone to takeover. Plus the fact that I do not wish to screw up the week after famine camp.

Ok, dunno whether to feel happy or sad about that. No more work, no more pay, no more constant everyday contact with some of my colleagues, etc etc. Although for a few I'll still get to see em around in school.
(But of course, im sure our friendship will errr strengthen and last . RIGHT?????? Twiggy and TreeHugger????)

Sounded like im talking about 2 trees. oh well.

Just went for a longer than usual run. FINALLY, went running again after a 1 month fight with the inner devil to not run. Looks like it really is time to start running more, more more til 21 km! weeeee

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

GAAHHHH!!!...... and... its the 100th post!

Came back from tuition just about an hour ago. Really is a freak weather la! In the midst of the calm and serene night, wind speed suddenly picked up and BOOM the gale literally started to blast through the windows. Things were literally 满天飞 . And the rain came.... : (

But the impt and rather frustrating thing is not this but the student's father! Old school military mindset, whole day going on about his days as a Warrant Officer, how he saw the Israelis do it and from those experience, how discipline should be induced. HIS way. No amount of mental drilling by me seemed to get through, the walls tortoising his mind have already hardened over time. Oh well, guess the only way i can do know is to encourage and help that tutee of mine to do well and prove him wrong! YES!


That explains why i reached home only at 1130. zzzzz, besides waiting for the rain to subside.

As for today at work..... learnt about the US SUBPRIME MORTGAGE CRISIS!. From dear Master WuGui himself who sooooo selflessly spend 30 mins explaining it to me through his i think should have gotten quite good grades project slides. Thanks! and that also explains why im praising his presentation slides. hahah!

And so after that explanation i've become the Master Shifu and started explaining it to the dude sitting beside me as though hes Po. Cant really say hes the Dragon warrior though. hahah, oops hope he doesnt see this.

By the way, Kung Fu Panda is a great show, oughta go give it a go!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Free advert time!

Hey!!, This is a voluntary and free advertisement for my Friend's Online Shop! Yup yup, just go ahead and click on that link dude, brings you straight there.

(Ok hanming i demand freebies cos its a free advertisement : )