the slow Journey...: January 2008

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Damn them

If this video really is true of what is happening in China....

please dont watch it if you cannot take excessive violence/ tortured animals

If this really is true, then DAMN THOSE PPL FROM CHINA. Yes, im straying on dangerous waters by saying this. hey, arent you a Chinese too?? Why YES in fact, but the good thing is that NO im not born there neither were my parents, thus i am not SOAKED to the skin with their uncivilised practises. and i do NOT CONDONE such sickly inhuman acts. No amount of words/vulgarities, etc is enough to be used against them. Dogs, and all sorts of animals being bred til maturity then one fine day, he gets beaten and SKIN ALIVED. yes freaking alive.

Why don't they try letting their OWN children be BRED in a farm and then SKINNED alive too? These animal farmers should just all die please.

Disclaimer: All this is said if what's reported on the site is true. and yes im quite peeved after watching this.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Taking 51 from Queensway back home was like the longest bus trip of my life la. From near empty bus to a fully packed one and back to the emptying stage. Sleep, wake up, sleep wake up still not yet reach. 1 plus hrs. zzzz. Should have taken train instead.

Made a discovery today though, Anchor Point at Queensway there has quite a few Outlet stores, including a Pedro outlet store!! sooo..... for those random stab in the darks for good stuff you might wanna try there. Its just opposite Ikea. Anyway bought nothing from there today, cos it was too late after loitering around Ikea trying to get something for Jelvin. Yes, trying. hahaha, its the second time me and jp went out to get a present but in the end got our own stuff instead.

Pathetic Self Justification: oh well, at least we managed to get smth for ourselves!

And jp said it while hugging his new shoes like some terrorist was gonna zip into his little world and snatch it away. Got myself a vest for that case : ) Not the 林宥嘉 kind but the more wooly feel kind. and No im not the kind to post pictures of stuff i buy in my entries sooo wont be taking any photos of it.

Alright, shall think of when to drop by IKEA for a room makeover trip.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quote of the week

*Picks up the bottle of J&J baby oil and tries it on his hand.*

Hey! This is real oil !

Cloverwitch Project

Some things that you would be thinking of while watching Cloverfield:

" Shit, is this whole show gonna be a like its recorded on a Videocam....."

" zzzzz... When's the party gonna end la"

" yes! finally!"

"hmmm how issit gonna end huh? monster die? or...."

. = dots of excitment and heart pounding adrenaline

"Wow, a metal pole through the left chest and STILL can run around?!?"

"Nice Nike shoes and Nokia ad"

"Videocam quite durable eh, wonder if they will show the brand later"

"Crap, the WHOLE show really is recorded on a Video cam..."

" oh ya, Its shot using the video cam. how to see the brand...."



Yup. That about sums up what i felt while watching it last night.
Oh, and its about 1hr 10mins? yeaa. around there, but exciting nonetheless

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


After working for about 2 and a half months in the bank, I begin to dread to monotony and sianness of future working life. ( IF i enter the corporate world and begin from its lowest rungs, pray i dont) And all this has begun to take its toll on me, partly also cos of me being stubborn and dont wanna sleep early.

Days of insufficient sleep rolling on and on. Wow think i really do need a few days of goood sleep, beginning to feel that it might be worse than the July / Aug period last year. But on a side note, the office do have a few ( NOTE:FEW ) interesting stuff besides some of the funny ppl. Theres someone who looks like Condoleeza rice for one and the rather helpful/good supervisors do make everything go down a bit better.

Plus i get to play pinching games everyday, but im losing. so.... BOO.

Still need the sleep though...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shrek lives!

Didnt know that mid aged housewives are so hip and fun loving/crazy/bored. Whichever applies. Just saw a mid aged lady from the opposite block wearing the nice green Shrek Ears while bringing her clothes before the rain comes. At home.

Good to see something interesting once in a while. Better turn away now before she spots me not sporting nice green ears

And NO, im not into aunties. Just happen to see one


Yesterday, i fell asleep a second time while standing on a train. Its lucky that i didnt stumble / jerk forward or cause any self promoting commotion again....

Next week, tuitions' resuming for the year. My lil Crystal Orb tells me more such incidents will happen. : (

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I am....

Legend, that show preaches Christianity. Seriously. And is that butterfly supposed to refer to the butterfly effect or the blooming of the virus like its wings? bleah. Unsatisfying ending too.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

1, stepped

Step 1 of blog conversion, Complete.

Ok actually i had a few ideas to update and change the blog, but kinda forgot what they were, could only split into 2 steps until it all comes back to me. some day.

and yes i did purposely plunk in 'conversion' just as a friendly poke even though it doesnt fit in well.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Closer and closer

Attended my Ex Brigade Intel Warrant's wedding earlier on in the morning. Must say its getting nearer and nearer. Finally now its a friend's wedding! although hes a friend with a 12 year age gap.... But it was rather beautiful :) a further affirmation of true love as a couple is binded to each other on that sacrosanct day. That which eclipses all else, looks, character, etc. Didnt really get to take any pictures on my phone, but gonna keep the invitation card for future reference. : )


Dammit, after. many battles won, ive finally LOST the war against this aging computer. 5 years and now this is one of the few lucky times i manage to get it working.

Oh well.... I surrender, White flag = Spending more money again. : (

How much the brigade ppl have changed and the frighteningly metro side. As im typing this, those who are still in the brigade are most probably having their facial/spa/body scrub and probably bitching around. Can imagine QUEEN ZM together with the rest (X X) all decked out in New Urban Male.

Ugh. ouch

Luckily me and chipmunk left before this Great Conversion.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Oil 100

-Oil nearly hits US 100 a barrel again. To those living under a stone or are surrounded by the ever so important colourful pieces of expensive paper til they cannot see the real world situation around them. (Much like the Mid Easterns who are swimming in BOTH oil and money.) Its not good news for people.

And i wonder why do automobile manufacturers even bother to keep on investing in more and more newer models of traditional cars instead of investing more to make non fuel cars cheap. Guess its just the lets make more money while we still can mindset.

Smiling blue uniformed guy. He looks so happy la pumping oil into the car la, and on a side note, his side profile looks a tad like my former DyS1 .

People will start fighting over it, Middle East and Russia dominates the world economy for a short period and then goes 'Pop' as their oil dries up.
This is one thing that seriously bothers me, thus an entry dedicated to it.

How the hell am i gonna drive a car next time if this continues la???

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Better late than never

Its kinda late but... ... here it is!

Had 18/04 class outing last saturday at Minds Cafe, right after KTV at party world with the guys. Must say it was actually quite fun! with all the shoutings across the table, good thing the cheer leader girl with the contrasting tones has got a sore throat then : ). haha. Oh and when it comes to games like TABOO, should always join whatever group auddua is in, sure win. hah

Birthday boy acting cool and all with QJ eyeing that bowl of...something. Dunno what it is.

Birthday boy looking all soooo excited after the birthday surprise, touched rightt

The girls, with the picture behind looking quite real....

Ok shall end this first post of 2008 about the last class event of 2007 here! Many more to come this year :)

P.S. all except those mentioned here: Anyone who wants extremely cui pictures of ching or aud, can ask from me!! wahahaha