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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well.... Don't know what would be a suitable title for this. yup.

Chinese New Year, yup. That period where the unmarried go around happily visiting and collecting ang baos, of course you have to be unmarried and young to do so.
Or you can have the skin of an elephant, works either way.

For me, its just quite the same for these few years. A time to rest and relax, WITHOUT the house visiting!! YES! I abbhor house visiting, just going around smiling to everyone. Saying congratulatory phrases befitting of the festivity ( most common of which is 恭喜发财 , after all most ppl say that Just to nab a lil red packet right? ), I'd rather skip all these rituals and do what i FEEL LIKE doing during these few days. So here i am at home, and will be too for the next few days. Lack of relatives (geographically close ones too) coupled with the inherent detest for house visiting seems to be the reason.

Nope i dont think its sad at all, except for the part where u get fewer ang baos. You might think that its like a form of premature ageing, to not enjoy CNY, but I'd prefer to look at it as....learning to do what you want and not what the event dictates you to do. Sometimes i even wonder if im not married by 30 what would i do during CNY! hahah, cant stay at home for the rest of my life during that day right? never arrived at an answer though.

Past week and a half has been quite a no rest week, mostly reaching home after 10 during weekdays followed by work. Rinse Repeat and Rejoice, and so the exhaustion/fatigue builds up and rolls along. Can't blame anyone else. But the dinner on monday was really good, had it with my army branch mates at Hanabi. You guessed it, a Jap restaurant. Plus you get a complimentary lobster for every 2 ppl! Buffet price per person is also not that ex, 33++ for good quality food. Not bad i say, after that we started moulding plans for the next outing to spend the money we got for the QFR idea during the Army open house. most probably would be Fullerton! seems like one of the few places where you can really dump money at for a meal. So... looking forward to that!
*Noticed that the last paragraph is kinda disjointed. oh well.


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