the slow Journey...: November 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Its all over.

Until 6 months later that is...

Friday, November 21, 2008

So i see

Uni Grading Proccess

I see.... so thats how the prof makes his pay easier than it already is to earn....

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Blabberer's post made me THINK and ...... again

Sitting in the little room alone now.

and for the past couple of days.

First, it was the fear of uncertainty.
Then, the barrier which holds the next closer yard couldn't be breached.
Now, all things fulfilled and in position....... except for 1. I CAN'T 

Now now, its not like i can't cos im unable to, etc.

There are some things which i do not think i can say here, for it is too exposed.
Oh well, shall with hold it then.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


One Year Ago...... was my officialy ORD. Think around this time (Lunch Time) i was still walking around the branches chatting around for a while more before leaving the camp and the obligations/responsibilities behind. That rather memorable 1 year that was spent there ended then, and of course the people that i got to know from there. Guess its always good to look back on different phases which felt so different from the other or even the current phase of life.


But..... 1 year zipped off into the pockets of history just like this. Just... Wow... Sometimes ill just start to really miss the past and really really really want to go back then... but i always end up being reminded that it cannot be possible! And ill feel kind of a awful sadness and..... wrenching sour feeling within... Cant find the exact words. Did not regret the 1 year that just ran off from last Nov and certainly not the current moment that im in though

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Update again!

After failing to keep the promise to update about first cheerleading training, shall try to bu chang by having a loooooooooong one today.

A Monday. Forgot the date already.
It turned out to be quite fun and ........... stretchingly straining on the muscles. waaaaa, even warm also need ppl to sit on you and pain also must REN. Just dont let it snap can alr. the whole near 3 hour session was a fun weights session. Yea, supporting other ppl's weight that is plus various other embarassing accidents which i shall nt delve into here........... luckily sy, hl they all didnt see.

Sunday 26th Oct
Yick's Birthday! no pictures, STILL waiting for wl to send it over to me but think it might be some time thought :( Anyway it was the first birthday party/gathering tt didnt make me feel intimidated to have one and fun too! at least once in my life la hor.

So.......announcement now......

I SHALL HAVE A 21+1 Birthday Gathering next year at Minds/Settlers!! Yeaaa
Theme: ???
Date/Time: ?Depends on FOC?

----End of announcement----

someone there even got a bit too tipsy. And his parents are actually quite funny n interesting to talk to somemore, hah. Oh and as a added note, i went back in touch with my VERY artisitic side as a result of this event. smth astounding from a few pieces of paper even!

Sometime in between previous and next post

Had the last supper with han ming : ( was his last night staying inside a NTU Hall thats why. One less aj person to go supper with next time le...

This week
Kinda screwed up accounting quiz this time :( but IT project salvaged the academic week though. :D Went back to hall to help out a bit with the item collection, mainly getting the fridge la and after that rushed off back to hougang here HOPING to reach the factory outlet sale before 7....... BUT IT CLOSED WHEN WE JUST REACHED THERE.zzzzzzzzzzz.
hahahah, and jen was like totally ............. angry while laughing at the same time. hahah. weird. at least managed to have a nice dinner after that.

But of course we shall nt give up and go over there again tmr first thing when it opens!