the slow Journey...: March 2008

Sunday, March 30, 2008


And another post immediately after the previous one...

Vote for HIM as the most kissable guy on ch 5's new show.

-End of advertisement for friend-


OK, this is gonna be a little post to type out a lil of my thoughts this afternoon.

Had a little meet up session with yok and kien chuan this afternoon for a short while before yok had to zoot off to the Rock for CHURCH SESSION. now seriously no offense but wow.... heh, shall not comment too much on that.

Anyway, had sort of nice refreshing and self explorative chat with Kien chuan while walking around. probably not so for him i think, just that it made me think and some how find a re-direction in what i should be doing. Not in the usual sense of what course/job to do in the future, but rather like what i should DO. ok fine not sure in how to put it into words. oh well. Yup, and from now I should be going back to what i was doing happily during Secondary School. Also am very proud and amazed at the stage my sec school's IT infrastructure has advanced to now in terms of Apple Mac Integration. Compulsory macbook at sec 1, apple service n support in school, movie studio, etc.

Nope, not only 3D/some design stuff. but IT in general, find the tech savviness back. Integrate it into whatever i do now and in the future. Immediate sight now is University, projects, presentations. Thats when it would probably first happen.

All in all it sounds so simple and bleah, tasteless? Im always thinking in odd and complex ways which sometimes i might need time to really understand and complete the thought cycle. Might be the case due to my ineptness with words as always impeding/ affecting me in other aspects too...

But thats what i have in mind , this slight redirectional focus which i gained today. And for this im glad and thank kien chuan for it. heh. Oh and for all you generalist stick in the mud mindset ppl out there. This doesnt mean NERD.

Time to get back the Savvy i say

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Miss Swan

Miss Swan from Mad TV! go search for her online over at youtube, this is just one of many other retarde videos with her. hahah

Thursday, March 27, 2008

JC congregation

Today must be JC gathering day at Kovan. Walking home frm Kovan after tuition, just the outside alone saw TJ, CJ, RJ, NY students already. Inside Heartland mall itself AJ, SA and SR joins in the fun.
Then while i was queuing up for my fav WAFFLES with cheese, 2 girls n 1 guy behind me ( all frm diff jc ) started talking about their life in JC. At that point FWAAa a wave of nostalgia and yearning for the school days smacked me squarely in the head. I so want to go back schooling where my only worry is just to study and do well!! not work and with so many auto attached fears that comes with earning money : (

Sunday, March 23, 2008

PT/PE lessons

Hip Hop dance lessons are JUST LIKE THAT. the warm ups were like stretching my muscles everywhere to the MAX la!! aching and sore now, but oh well. at least ill probably learn to dance a little and a tad fitter too : )

Dont laugh K, time for me to try out smth new

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Finally a getaway from the mental whirl and incessant questioning of myself this work week. heh.

M J later on!

No not Michael Jackson or Mary Jane from spiderman.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Rowling conceived harry potter on a train, and i just gave birth to a simple lil equation of mine on the MRT.

Lets see, how do we judge the value of something you buy? Why not break it down into this.
Lets say for a bag which costs $36.50, we shall reduce its value into how long do you think you would use it for. Simply divide the cost by that. ( standard unit being days? yea)

1 year maybe? so that gives rise to the fact that the bag simply costs 10 cents a day. Hmmmmm, lets set the 'Bags' benchmark value for money rate to be 15 cents a day. So.... anything more than 15 cents a day would cross into the not value for money range? Not that wise to get something within that range.

Therefore............for those looking to get a LV, Burberry, (any high end brand) bag. Go smack yourself in the head before getting it cos i just had my maiden trip into the LV shop out of curiosity and a simple bag costs $3400.
Go figure.

Of course different value for money rates(indices) should be applied to different products( cars, houses, etc) and there will be some kind of diminishing effect on the rate to the left and right of the dividing border between value for and not value for money, durability, rarity and various other factors.

For foodstuffs, the standard unit of time should probably be measured in terms of mins.

To all those who bothered to read this and understood, ok good. To those who dont....errr im just trying to frame this sudden thought out using my not so very good english.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Step it up!

Step up 2! wanted to watch this show ever since it was announced : )

Ok oops thats for the first show, lazy to take out since i intended to include that inside anyway

The finale dance scene out in the streets during The Streets itself when it conveniently poured to give that extra flair and swish swosh smoothness to their adrenaline pumping dance routine. Oh and channing tatum is still the best with the moves! despite having only a short cameo part in the 2nd show. However ,fom the magical fusion of classical ballet and street dance of the first to the pure street action of the second, somehow it gave me the feeling that this one i geared more towards the younger crowd. ok im not old, just not as young as the teens.
A definite must watch show, agree with Blabber tt this is nicer and less boring than the first but still miss the amazing chemistry between the leads of the first step up. 2 different genres i suppose.
Soooo feel like watching it again. heh.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Monday, March 10, 2008

Dark vortex

Alright, managed to pull myself out of the mini vortex emo/ brooding/ etc whatever it is that took over me last week. its bad foe health/ evil and nope its not the reminiscent kind where you feel all nice and fuzzy thinking back.

Anyway......... just makin this a short post after last night's mahjong session. I ACTUALLY WON! even though its only 10cents . Yea, my first time even winning something. hahah, at least now i can think faster on that addictive four cornered table of a money sucking pit. alright, maybe its cos i played with ppl who only just learnt it later than me. But still, had to fight through all that beginner's luck! haha Picked up quite a few tips too

: )

Friday, March 7, 2008

How exciting

hahahah, a friend XXX is on duty back at his camp, X X Camp. It so happens that today a few hours back he was informed that a HOST of XXX number of XXXXXXX soldier unit is going to arrive at the camp and stick around for a while to assist in the search for XXX.

Wow. Think he should go buy 4D tmr since hes so lucky to be doing duty on such a fateful day.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

No Mood

Yea, thats it. The mood now is just No Mood. period

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


In the past weeks finally felt and understood WHY people say theres so much backstabbing and in your face attacks in the world. Email is such a powerful tool la. In almost everyday mailings in a nice tall In Singapore, one must always know how to fully use Outlook as your sword/shield and more importantly your Bow.
The To: field is for you to specify who your attack target is, for example auntie X.

CC: simply allows you to insert a simple but effective strategy into your attack. Attacking from both the inside and the outside. In addition that it also shields your somewhat. So that Auntie X would get shot in the face by you and her Supervisor, however after that she would be unable to retaliate in full force due to the fact that her supervisor and YOUR supervisor are included in the CC list. Sword, shield, curving arrow all fully maximised

BCC: are just 100% stealth ninja attacks which appear out of nowhere to poke you from somewhere unknown. Most despicable of the attacks, since the target won't even know this guy is included in the FYI mailing list.

The rest of the strategy from then on lies in how you forge and weave the fantastical spear of a mail in the form of its content and words used.
One thing you learn from work, and in a short span too. Why? cos you NEED to.

Oh well, onto other stuff. Bewilderment is what i feel know. Simply cannot understand and explain the sudden 180 degree change. Can someone tell me what happened??

Monday, March 3, 2008


I shall learn from a certain Babbler and activate evasive maneuvers, althought i dont think its really needed at this point. And wont waste time at all aruging with ppl who cant get what others say into their head and try to slap u from behind the tall lil bush hedge encirlcing them.

Finally understood 100% why the B did those then.
All hail him.