the slow Journey...: November 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007

Eye of the Typhoon

Im posting while im overseas! Wow, nothing really special but i think it feels quite different typing away frm i dunno how far away from home. Yup so far nothing much from the typhoon here just vv strong winds and rain. annoying. Cos when it rains at night, it gets colder and my father wakes to turn of the air con. Then it gets warm, i get up to switch it on. Repeat this a couple of times throughout the night and you get a GOOD NIGHTS REST.

so yup, for now the car seat during the day is the best bed. yay

Monday, November 19, 2007


2nd day and started doing Over Time till 9 at night already!! Ahhhhh! Better not have OT tomorrow. Oh wekk next time ill just stay and clock the time and money!

Hmmmmmm maybe can earn 2k a month this way...

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Yesterday was the first day of work! yes, it all came in a whirl. Me and yick recieved the call on Wednesday to go down on Thursday for the interview. Did 2 rounds of interview which i think wasn't really needed at all cos they had the mindset to hire us on the spot!
And thats what they did, procceeded to sign the documents later that day and started work on Friday. yea all set in stone in a short time span of a day. Guess either they are really desperate or recognises talent people at first sight : )
Just realised the first letters of the 3 bolded words seem to spell a popular abbrieviation out....hmmm....seriously, pure coincidence.

Thats yick's desk....

And mine..... Wow, looks kinda dead and the SAME. Gonna bring stuff on Monday to deck it up/ personalise it. yeap! Starting to get used to working life but still not really seguing into yet, but yea trying to with all the new office wear, working environment and working life....

At least the working gave me a rather professional look. sometimes DOCTOR-LY even.

Forgot to mention, its at OCBC. And NO, i cant transfer funds from some millionaire's accounts to you. so dont even dream of it

Friday, November 9, 2007


Just love the feeling Holland Village gives me, that small self contained little district has almost everything for those wanting to relax and maybe meet up with friends. Yea, thats what i did over there yesterday. Went to Thai Express before heading to nearby Settlers cafe and back to Coffee club in the village itself. Nice and cosy feeling that little place exudes, and last night was a cooling night too! Much better than Serangoon Gardesn. waaa, can someone please shift Holland V over to Serangoon here. Thanks