the slow Journey...: September 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Actually ...nope, the extraction didnt hurt at all. Really. Only thing that was unsettling was the needle being lodged into the vein on my left hand. it was THERE moving about as my hand moved initially! Again no pain but the sight of it was......ouch... All i remember on the surgical table was the aneasthesist ( however thats spelt) pressing the oxygen mask hard on my mouth.

2 seconds later and whatever that transpired after that involving the knife/ saw/ drill wielding surgeon...... zilch, totally know nth about it. Was awake after 3 hrs? yea, and feeling VERY drowsy. that was the end i guess :)

And i cant smile or even laugh now, any attempt at it would only bring pain. Can only only press my mouth shut and cheeks down to control it. Say hi to the new Botox-ed me in the next few days!


Dumb Blond Joke of the Day

Dumb Blond : I tripped over the cordless phone!


Song of the week -

Wake up Call by Maroon 5!

Not really a new song but i think its about time for a wake up call now don't you all think so too : )

September is drawing its nice soft and velvety curtains on us all soon... ... Welcoming Bitter sweet October, paving the way for Sweet O so sweet November... !

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Take a look at this! really cute 6 year old girl singing REALLY well :)

Smoothly sailing !

Last Thursday marked the official START of the period where i would be clearing leave ! hurray! haha, and for that day everything went ahead as planned, smoooooth as cream :) Spent the whole day typing lots of ' handing over' mails, instructions, etc. This intclerk has reached its eventide and passing on, time for another to take my place :-) Caleb u can do it! hah.

Wait til you hear about Friday! Started out with me studying for my Driving Final Theory sort of half heartedly. Randomly alternating between computer and hitting the book, didnt really have any high hopes for the test to say the truth. However after looking at some sample questions, well.... sort of gave me that well needed little flame of hope. Heh. and luckily i passed! For the rest of the day it was similarly smooth and successful even with tuition.

Still eagerly looking forward to the end of the tuitions though.

Oh and what a scare just now la, suddenly was told i have to book in back camp tonight for next day's duty. Glad its only the guards. heh. Lucky didnt go zouk with yick too, what a sudden turn off it would be

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weird Names

Its quite an eye opener actually, to flip through the catalogue of singers in K Box. There are actually singers with names like 大风 , getting a tad windy anyone? And many other odd names coupled with not superstar like pictures / drawings to help in identifying them.

Anyway yeap, guessed it, K box last night. Was sort of a last minute thing heh, twist and turn of events ended up with me and yick gg late night shopping (supposedly...) and decided to go sing, joined up with zm and xx for that. Yea, another odd last minute join in by him to a grp whom he knows no one except me AGAIN. At least it was fun this time! though we were slowly dying by 4am. haha. Thought we could have a free ride back again, courtesy of the queen ZM. damn :( Hah.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Change change change!

Yup, changed the blog skin cos the previous one seems a bit...... hard to read... yea.

simpler layout for easy reading :)

Monday, September 10, 2007


Been a while since i updated. A bit tied down and not to say my lazy self acting up again after AOH. Just wanted to enjoy myself and not do anything at home :) Anyway....

-7 Sept
Had BEACH fun at Sentosa! although we didnt really stay around quite long cos of personal afternoon events which some of us have, it was still quite fun though. Plus now im like a red suckling pig, waist up.... Couldnt get to sleep last night cos of it la. Grrrr. Pain, pain! and itchy cos of the dry skin too..... = (

-8 Sept
One of my RARE outings to a club. I swear im a non clubber still, just an occasional one. heh. But that day was when the cindefella story unfolded. Cindefella, upon recieving the edict from the queen, went off back home without dropping even his glass shoe at the holy time of midnight 1230 . Presumably before the Farmer to non Farmer is automatically dispelled. Well, at least it was after 12 right. Stupefied, thats how everyone was. Oh, and yick followed along cos he was too bored, even after knowing ill be the only one he knows in the group. haha. Oh well, at least it didnt turn out to be that bad.

Pictures.... will try to upload a few? heh, when im home and manage get my hands on them la of course

Thursday, September 6, 2007

POH (Post Open House)

Sorry for the lack of updates. The ARMY Open House took up 5 days spanning over the weekends, at least i managed to earn 3 extra days of Off from it :).........................which brings my total remaining working days to TWENTY.

Lets all take a minute to rejoice.

Its now the Jan Enlistee's turn to laugh at those who enlisted later in April. HAH.
and the PES C batch of course.

And now onto a slightly more gender friendly topic.... Tomorrow is gonna be outing at Sentosa!! even though its only for the morning its still a fresh change from the usually stagnating life of now. After sooooo long, finally heading back to the sand and sun again. heh. Shall update again after tomorrow's event!